Shark Attack: Australia Surfing Competion Postponed


We have an interesting news for you guys, an international board surfing competition has been postponed when a 30-year old man got his leg bitten by a shark Attack in Gracetwon, Australia.

The news of this shark attack lead to temporary suspension of the World Surf League’s (WSL) Margaret River Pro 2018.

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4 Early-Stage Business Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Do you know how many early-stage businesses fail before they reach their fifth anniversary?

You might not like the answer. Though there’s some dispute about the exact number, and it’s prone to vary anyway with the vicissitudes of the economic cycle, it’s safe to say that fewer than 60% of all startups make it this long.

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Top 15 Fastest Heavy Bikes in 2018

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Vroom Vroom… I guess this is the sound we normally listen when bike riders starts their fastest heavy bikes, let me tell you i love this sound.

We have created a list of Top and Fastest Heavy Bikes for you to take a look and choose one for yourself. We know for some, speed comes first and for some, look comes first and it would be hard to find a bike having both speed and looks.

And do not forget to wear a helmet when you are riding your fast sports bike.

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