51 Beautiful Wall Paint Designs 2018 – Best Wall Paint Ideas

Blue Living Room Wall Paint Design

Black & White Living Room Ideas

Dark Blue Living Room Color Ideas

We have collected 30 best wall paint ideas for living room and bedroom. These wall paint designs will give your home a new look.

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You Won’t Believe This Luxe New Car Is a Volvo

Volvo — a carmaker not typically known for its flash — has unveiled a luxe version of its high-end S90 for the Chinese market. The move is part of a reboot under a new owner to position Volvo as a world-class exporter. These luxe cars and a handful of other models will be produced in China, not Sweden, where the company is headquartered. Some say the shift helps it better compete with other automakers in one of the world’s top markets.

The upgrade provide the Jeeves experience. First off, there’s no front passenger seat. In that seat’s place is a special console that can store shoes, serve as a footrest or give a backseat passenger with long legs space to stretch out.

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CES 2018: Power cut at Vegas tech show blamed on rain

The giant consumer electronics show CES has suffered a power cut, plunging part of the event into darkness.

The Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC)’s central hall went dark at around 11:20 local time (19:20 GMT).

Two hours passed before the organisers said that the electricity supply had been restored.

They blamed an earlier downpour for causing the blackout, which resulted in attendees being evacuated from the building.

The affected space hosts booths for LG, Samsung and Sony among others.

BBC reporters at the scene said that security guards had also prevented people from entering the LVCC’s North Hall, where car-makers including Toyota, Nissan and Ford have exhibits.

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The Coolest New Laptop at CES Is Actually a Phone

You have a supercomputer in your pocket, but chances are you still carry around a different, separate one in your briefcase or backpack. As phones get every more powerful, there’s really no reason for it to be this way. Razer’s Project Linda, announced today at CES 2018, is a tantalizing glance into a world where the two finally converge, even though you might not see it happen any time soon.

Project Linda is, on some level, just a phone case. A phone case that’s shaped like a laptop, sports a 13.3-inch quad-HD display, 53.6Wh battery, 200 GB of storage capacity, a keyboard, and a handful of ports. When paired with a Razer Phone that acts as its brain and touchpad, Linda can roar to life as a laptop that looks nearly identical to Razer’s ‘Blade’ line of gaming clamshells.

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SimplySmart Home brings truly wireless DIY security to CES

SimplySmart Home’s new Cube wireless home security camera aims to make DIY security quick and fuss-free. The Cube is a wire-free indoor/outdoor HD security camera you can attach to your wall with a 3M command strip or with screws. The camera uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when it senses motion or voice. An included doorbell module alerts the camera to record when someone rings the doorbell. Other camera features include:

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Sony 1000Xm2 headphone review: fantastic and a little finicky

There are a lot of over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones on the market right now. Seriously, take a walk down the headphone aisle at the local big box electronics store and you’ll find an embarrassment of ear-cradling riches. Sony’s original 1000X headphones were an important addition to the market, taking a lot of what Bose does well and adding a mix that’s more conducive to bass-heavy music. Now, Sony has updated its popular cans, and the results are still very impressive.

What is it?

You can get a pretty good idea of what you’re getting into here just by looking at the 1000XM2 headphones. They’re big, squishy ear mattresses that crank out sound and cancel noise from the outside. Sony has done some work on the noise canceling tech, including a few automatic adjusting modes, like one that raises or lowers the intensity depending on your altitude, a nod to how often frequent travelers reach for this kind of can.

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