This motorized standing desk is actually a gaming PC

Furniture is cool, sure, but I’ve always thought its timeless nature was a problem. Sure, you might have a gorgeous classic Eames chair, but how can you improve on that and demonstrate to visitors that you’re on the cutting edge? When things can’t go obsolete, can they really be said to progress? Enter this desk from classy Taiwanese PC case maker Lian Li, which acts as the housing for an entire gaming PC and has a transparent surface so you can show off those SLIed 1080s in all their glory.


MSI built a computer into a backpack so you can walk around in VR

Do you wish you could take a computer with you everywhere — maybe one in a form factor that was easy to carry around? Like in, say, a backpack? MSI has been brilliant enough to put these desires together and create the Backpack PC, a PC that is literally built to be worn on your back.Okay, so this is a ridiculous idea at first glance (and probably second and third and— ), but MSI does have an interesting reason for designing a PC this way for virtual reality. Its intention is for gamers to buy the Backpack PC and wear it around while playing VR games.