This motorized standing desk is actually a gaming PC

Furniture is cool, sure, but I’ve always thought its timeless nature was a problem. Sure, you might have a gorgeous classic Eames chair, but how can you improve on that and demonstrate to visitors that you’re on the cutting edge? When things can’t go obsolete, can they really be said to progress? Enter this desk from classy Taiwanese PC case maker Lian Li, which acts as the housing for an entire gaming PC and has a transparent surface so you can show off those SLIed 1080s in all their glory.


The first race of drones controlled by the mind

Drones races start to become a fashionable sport in as and the increasing popularity of these devices, but when it comes to racing drones piloted by the spirit it deserves some lines.

Is Technology catching up with the REFs? A Football Fan’s Dilemma

And yes, as obvious as answers go! The blatant errors made in the footballing arena as far as decisions go has only aggravated over the years. Rival club fans’ heated arguments usually have this main topic of concern. Let’s just take a quick look at some of the very recent decisions that have cost clubs, dear.

Navy Develops Futuristic DAVD HUD For Augmented Reality Underwater

U.S. Navy researchers have developed a high-tech, in-helmet display that will assist underwater personnel by using augmented reality.The device not only shows design inspiration from the world of sci-fi but is said to increase the safety and efficiency of divers in the line of duty.

Smart Google Glass’s 2017

In fact, all the pairs that are out now are beta test units. Sometime in the next couple of years Google will be releasing a consumer’s level version for a much cheaper price.Its also very likely that there will be competitors Releasing smart glasses right alongside Google Glass’s.We’ve seen this already a little’s bit with Google Glass but that’s just the beginning.Despite getting a lot of press and controversy, Google Glass is a very young product.There ill be some who don’t like it at first but eventually the kinks will be worked out and this is a thing that will happen.

San Diego utility adds education to electric-car charging stations

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) is the latest electric utility to support the expansion of electric-car charging infrastructure.But the Southern California utility won’t just build charging stations for plug-in hybrids and battery-electric vehicles.It also plans to invest $7.5 million over the next five years into an education campaign to promote electric cars.

Visa created a ring that can make purchases

What better way to express your wealth than to literally wear your credit card around and use it to buy more things to wear and adorn your life? Visa would very much like it if you did that, so it’s made an NFC-enabled ring that’s able to make purchase at terminals that accept contactless payments. The idea is to make it as quick and easy as possible to make a payment; no need to pull our your credit card or phone — you can just tap your ring to the terminal.